Going along…

You know when it’s that time.  Enough with the cruising, ho-hum go along to get along makeshift Zen lifestyle.  You want to feel something new, be able to point to a yearning and say, “Yes, now would be just fine.” So what’s holding you back? A false sense of safety? Fear of the unknown? Confusion about where to start, who to turn to, where to find the nerve, wake up faith that’s been laying dormant?

The simple answer: Just decide to allow the change. Give yourself permission to grow, even if that growth results in a few mistakes. So what? What haven’t you been through and survived? Still breathing, right? Tell yourself the consequences of staying put in the go-along lane are far worse than the risk of pitting the pedal to the medal, living life on blast just to test the engine, see how far you can go! 

That could be as simple as taking up a new hobby or challenging yourself to read a book a week. Maybe it’s a physical thing, fitness and strength training. Maybe it’s losing just five pounds instead of stressing over twenty. Maybe it’s forgiving an ex so you can make truly space for a next.  And maybe it’s just a matter of acknowledging how much you’ve managed to do even with a half-assed attempt at success. Imagine how much more you can do. All the possibilities that life presents through family, friends, soul stirring experiences, loving, hurting, healing, repeating. Succeeding! 

Go along, but with a clear intention and a little umph for flavor. See how vast you really are and enjoy the space you not only occupy but can increase at will.  Get going!

That way….