Here Comes The Sun


Living in South Florida, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten up before the crack of dawn to drive to the beach and watch the sun rise.  It is a spectacular thing to witness — a purple sky turning gold bit by bit, with the sun still invisible until it peeks at you just above the horizon.

I’ve watched professional photographers snap away, lovers snuggle with mugs of coffee, and loners meditating in yoga poses.  For all, the dawn of a new day is an occasion, a cause for wonder and ritual, a happy thing we want to witness again and again and again.

So when I saw this image, that same feeling came over me: Wow, imagine that! The sun inside me!  My life force rising each and every day from the dark of night and the mist of dreams to bring me fully awake and….what?  Stumbling to the bathroom, grumbling about the day’s obligations, reminiscing about an argument or worse, something ratchet I saw on tv?

Nah.  This picture totally reminds me to shift gears and recognize the miracle that takes place within us all each day we rise. I want to feel warm, strong, renewed, ready to beam in ways that might shed light on something for someone.  I want to relish the power and gift of life and the fire that burns in my heart to keep loving, yearning, celebrating, doing.  And I like knowing that there is a sun inside me, already at work before I even open my eyes. ✨✨✨

Same holds true for us all.  Hold that close💛🌝

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