Note to Self

imageLet’s be honest — some days it’s hard to remember where you’re headed, must less mustering the energy to get there.  There are so many things to derail our focus on personal goals, whether it’s fitness or carving out time for a spa treatment or simply journaling.  The things we want to do get crowded out by the things we have to do (did anyone say laundry?!) and before you know it, eh, you’re tired. Personal time can wait. That bubble bath is what it is, a dream.

Well, maybe we can devote more energy to making our dreams real, using visualization for starters. There are lots of online resources that highlight the benefits and methods of visualization techniques to manifest your desires. There are vision boards and dream journals, and even guided meditation techniques to help put you in the zone.

But in addition to resources, we have to employ the discipline necessary to make time and create the energy for Self Help. We have to accept responsibility for our own physical, emotional and spiritual health, and that, my friends, takes time, energy and devotion.  Great thing is, the more we get into that groove, the more we make Self Help a natural part of daily living, and the more seamlessly it will become a part of our routine — just like dishes and jobs and family care.  All we have to do is decide it’s a must, and go from there.

Today, no matter how busy or tired or preoccupied you feel, take 10 minutes to devote to Self Help. Take a longer shower, break out the scented lotion, browse through a travel magazine, write yourself a thank you note. Ten minutes! You can do it. Then, tomorrow, shoot for 15. Get it? As you take more time, you’ll find more ways to amp yourself up until you will not only reach your goals and see things manifest, but you’ll feel damn good doing it.

You are your best and most worthy thing. Move on that:))))

Be well and I’ll see you soon…


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