Loyalty & Truth


We all have days when we feel like everything is going our way, and other days when we wonder why everything feels like a struggle.  We don’t change but circumstances do. Life happens and we are always striking a balance between what is and what could be.

For those of us who intentionally commit to a spiritual life, meaning a steady practice of growth in relation to The Source (with respect to all cultures and faiths), we come to expect more from ourselves in terms of being steadfast and unshaken, good times or…not.

There’s no magic trick to keeping our faith and chins up, but there are rituals we can use to strengthen our resolve and gratitude. For many it’s prayer. For others it’s prayer and offerings made at elaborate or simple tabletop altars.  And still for others, it’s quiet meditation on a mat or at the root of a tree.  The point is, we all have rituals that help us stay centered, focused and loyal to our pursuit of a full and purposeful life.

We need the reassurance and comfort of knowing we are guided, guarded, protected, and — especially — blessed.  We need to know that when feeling under pressure, there is relief beyond our own capacity to provide it.  We want to point to our blessings and say THIS is the proof of my faith and belief, THIS is how I know what I know. Amen. Ase. Aho. We recognize loyalty from Spirit same as game peeps game on the street.

Loyalty is reciprocal in any spiritual practice worth its salt.  We feel strong and determined and even delighted to stay the course because we are given every reason to feel that way.  Sometimes the confirmation feels intuitive and beyond our full comprehension while at other times confirmation stares us in the face: the healed disease, the loan approved, the soulmate revealed, the job landed.

We stick to what we know and what we yearn to know more about. Like the elephants in the photo, we take care of ourselves by seeing to one another’s needs. We find hope in faith, wisdom in loyalty, and energy in truth.

Until next time…Afefe


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