Saving Grace

What a powerful stance to take, especially as it relates to our spiritual development.  Our trials and triumphs have reflected the hands we were dealt — and those we played.  We are imperfect humans capable of beautiful and not so pretty things, and our lives reflect all of our choices, as they ebb and flow, as we age and grow.

I love knowing our inner spirit remains a constant that shows us how to accept what was, assess what is and choose what we want next.  There’s no need for excuses or regrets because neither of those will impact what is before us now — this moment.  What we do is our business in the highest, most mindful sense.  We can and should decide which memories to cherish and which to let go.  Same for our relationships. Same for our personal habits – eating, spending, loving, and so on.  We get to edit without apology or fear because that’s part of why we’re here!


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