To the Swift

Most deeply spiritual people I know don’t spend their days with their heads in the clouds, chanting or tuned to a frequency slated for a chosen few. Instead, they are keen observers of life, art, politics, social media, and magic in all its forms including lovemaking.

Spiritualists are active folk, always engaged in whatever stirs their souls, and whatever awakens and affirms the hope inside people they encounter. I’ve known so many people who’ve paid a steep price to live out, in real and hard-tested time, the courage it takes to develop their reality of God, Great Spirit, Olodumare, the Saints, the Ancestors, the Orishas, Mother Earth, the Iyami, the Angels, Prophets…and so on. 

I’ve known people who lost their spouses, were taunted by so-called friends, shunned at work, were accused of being dark, demonic, bat shit crazy, twisted, and “mental,” that catch-all term for people whose beliefs make others uncomfortable. Yes, I’ve known many deeply spiritual people who must make choices that not only go against society’s grain but grind it to dust if that’s what it takes to live their truth and honor their souls.

So I share these words and image to acknowledge the light that is your true being, and yours…and yours too. Now more than ever acceptance is divine, a calling even, a state of being that will draw us closer as humans whose very atoms are designed to love and build, not destroy and reduce psyches to rubble. 

Let’s focus on being all we can be, on liking ourselves more than craving “likes,” on accepting that we all have a unique purpose, and most especially, on moving ahead so swiftly our feet barely touch the ground. 

Until the next…🌹


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