It’s Already There

If I had a dollar for every time I thought about something I desired followed by “If only” or “Maybe when” or “Yeah, but” — I’d be rich. You too? It happens. We’re human.

But we are also spiritual beings, and that part of our essence plays out in many ways, from how we relate to faith and worship, right down to how we dress, what we do with our talents and gifts and, most especially, how we manifest love.

I’ll let you in on what had been a secret for me:  Love is not so much the desire for another as a longing to know and better realize yourself.  Who hasn’t attracted someone they thought would love them only to discover…not?! The disappointment can leave you between the rock and hard place of try, try again and never again but either way, the quest for love remains. 

Without the fullness of love, we chose other fillers. There’s work, education, hobbies, family and kids, and even convenient but loveless relationships we didn’t mean to but settled for. We overeat, over medicate, over dramatize and swear by retail therapy, then swear off all of the above and decide, bless God and the ancestors both, to heal.

Now love doesn’t go all banner on a plane in the sky, like “Yo, what you thought? Here I am!!!” That would be cute, but the reality is love happens when we shift our perspective inward which in turn shifts our dynamic with others who can read our signals and love us based on our vibe.

We’ve all witnessed how people who carry themselves as queens and kings seem to demand that treatment — and most often get it.  On the flip side, people can attract violence, bullying, defeatist and dishonest behavior from actual or potential mates. Like a scowling face or one blazing with a joyful smile, our energy precedes us in every encounter. People pick up on what we give off, the Universe allows us to learn tough lessons, and we — If only, Yeah but — live the patterns until we simply don’t. 

That, in itself, is medicinal love my friends. It’s an idea that occurs suddenly, clearly and stands firm. It’s electric and innate, like how you feel when you breathe in fresh flowers, lotion up after a nice shower, or rise from prayer or deep meditation knowing it wasn’t just an exercise in faith and health, but the already-there result of both.

So nowadays when I desire a thing or three in life, I try saying: Okay. That’ll work. And think I might be rich after all. 

That said, Please do love and do it well.💋


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