No Need to Ask


We all want answers. We’d like to know the reasons behind what happened long ago, how we got here, now, and clear directions for what lies ahead.

Often, we draw blanks or puzzle pieces, and it’s left up to us to fill in the gaps, to build the narrative of our lives, to create the arc that’s makes sense of what we’ve done, why it went down that way, and what needs to happen next. We have to reach deep inside the corners of our minds and dust the webs, looking for clues, laughing at our mistakes and taking slow, deep breaths in recognition of our many, often unexpected, triumphs.

And maybe it all doesn’t have to make sense linearly because life isn’t scripted and the point is to make choices that take us here and there and back again – all in search of our highest good and closest shot at happiness, all in an effort to learn from and merge with the Divine.  In faith, we’ll get there. In fear, or doubt or confusion, we won’t.

So just for today, lets try to still the mind, put the overthinking and overburdening questions on pause, and just know. Just know. Just know.


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