Time Comes


While exercising faith, there are any number of steps taken between now and what next. We consider our lives, and what all happened to get us to this point, things that leave us thinking one of two things: More please or never again – or both!!

We go through life hoping and planning for the best, but bump into walls when someone cheats or lies or doesn’t come through when we needed them most. We chastise ourselves for being fools. We set goals to move, return to school, lose weight, stop smoking, redo everything to stop feeling like we suck, life too.

And then life tilts the other way, and we find ourselves perched on the high end of a see saw, thrilled about life’s prospects. Good things happen: the birth and growth of children, we learn parental love, or romantic love, or, most pivotal of all, spiritual love. Doors open to travel or discovering new hobbies. We realize we have green thumbs, untapped talents and skills, artistic visions, revitalizing energy.

Life brings out the best in us or the worst, during alternating years or months, days or moments. We choose, come what may. Each day that we draw breath our lives unfold, often in direct proportion to our willingness to live fully, without fear or reservation, knowing the opposite ends of life’s spectrum, believing all good things come, and stay, in time.

Until next time, be well.

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