For the Time Being


We get ahead of ourselves, and it’s not entirely our fault. Self help gurus tell us to plan ahead, create vision boards, speak aloud our dreams for tomorrow and beyond. Like Superheroes of our lives and those we love, we are not only urged to create our world, but pooh-poohed if we don’t push hard enough. As people who want the most out of life, we’re turned into spiritual lead foots, petal to the metal. Get ‘er done!!

But whoaaa!! Do we realize what’s happening while we are busy pressing on? Picture for a moment the metaphor of pressing the gas, zooming through life doing 90mph. What happens to the passing scenery? What about the highway rest stops and roadside mom & pop shops? Why can’t we stop for tacos on a food truck or Cheetos at the 7-Eleven? Why can’t we park next to our life goals long enough to pose for here-and-now selfies?

And when’s the last time we checked to see whether our GPS, our Soul, needs recalibration? If you’re anything like me, plans change! What I thought for sure I desired, had to have, couldn’t go without seeing or doing five years ago has zero, zee-row, to do with what I envision now. Now meaning today, because the more we live the more we experience shifts in our lives and those around us. And while being motivated to plan for down the road and having the foresight to make good moves is wonderful, the bigger truth is the one we are faced with each morning when we rise: How will we spend today?

Manifesting is wonderful. The desire, the techniques, and spiritual faith necessary to get from here to there is all good. And yet, the reality of today, the choice to stop and smell the roses in hand is crucial to our quality of everyday life. And as much as we want to experience and share more as we tap into our potential, there’s something immense to be said for the who, what and how of now.

So here’s to our future, at present. May we be mindful of the moments that turn into lifetimes, one day, week, month, year at a time.💜


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