Faith Too Fit to be Tied


Faith. Talk about a word thick with meaning and vast in scope! It’s not like ‘satisfied’ or ‘joyful’, states of being you can flip an internal switch and say, “Yeah, I know that feeling. I know how it came to be, how long it lasted, who was around me when it happened.”

But faith is always in progress, at work, a halo hovering over the construction site of our daily lives. No sooner we get through one situation where doors are opened and prayers answered, another life event leapfrogs front and center. It can be something rough like a health scare, loss of life or employment; or the potential for good: a new boo, a loan application under review, a job interview or possible promotion, maybe even the lottery!!

Whatever the deal, Faith is never finished. It is never complete — total maybe, but not complete. There’s always room for more, cause for more, goals and intentions and circumstances that require more.

And in the words of the elders, we can’t feel no ways tired in exercising our faith because it is the flag of flags we waive high in witness that life is in motion. It is fuel for the engine of souls that never give up, give in or give out. And that’s big, I tell you. Faith is a vastly wondrous word, a love language in a single syllable, an arrow launched from a bow otherwise called eternity.

Let your faith be too fit to be tied.

Until next time…💜


7 thoughts on “Faith Too Fit to be Tied

  1. Ahhh ha….Faith, the thing that requires deep breathing allowing us to get down deep. I think it is within that deep, where our eternal souls live…where we ought to spend alot more time than we do. It’s necessary so that our faith be unleashed and as you state, my dear, kept [[Fit]]…like a streamlined fiddle. Lol…sending you a beam of warm light…Afefe😊


  2. Yes Lana very well said Faith is that one thing that takes us to the end of the tunnel.. Well definitely it should not be tied or limited to our own beliefs should always go beyond and so does our purpose on earth 🙂 ❤


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