Beneath the Surface


Flesh. It’s something isn’t it? The things it can do. Stretch, move, give pleasure, endure pain. It comes wrapped in all shades, clothed in silk, fine cotton, imported wool.

We are born to a celebration of our flesh. Fingers and toes counted, birth marks noted, swaddled and cuddled. We grow, like weeds, let the parents buying school clothes and shoes tell it.

We grow up and into skin that shows off curves and muscles that flex beneath the surface. We are preoccupied with it, and make it sweat, contour, look just so. If not, we risk judgment, risk becoming what we look like: beauteous or slack, accordingly.

Meanwhile the real “us” goes unseen or worse, unnoticed>>>Our souls, our Higher Selves, our Inner Truth. So much of our time and energy gets devoted to the surface of our lives, while the real engine of life and divine force that can help us improve on all levels suffers neglect.

I’m guilty. Guilty as hell. But I’m human, and still learning, and had a feeling I might not be alone:)))) So here’s a moment between us, where we close our eyes to our outer world, and spend some delightful time within. No telling what wonders await!

Until next time, much Light🌼


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