Got Wishes?

imageTime. Whether you’re oblivious or steadily making plans, time runs its course. It’s amazing how twenty-four hours swerves into a week, a month, a year, a decade, until it hits you: “Damn! That was fast!”

We pass time making wishes, some loud and longing: “Lottery now, please!” Others gritty and gruff, “I wish this (bad thing) would stop already!” We wish to effect change in our lives, to hurry up, slow down, get a grip, loosen up. We wish to grow stronger, wise up, live — dollar dollar bill y’all– better.

We’ve got wishes enough to occupy time from now until…when?

What might happen, and how might we enjoy life more, if instead of wishing our way through the the years, instead of expectation, anticipation, or frustration, we live in the moment, with gratitude for small things? I’m not suggesting that we pump brakes on our dreams, or stomp on our inner voices. I’m suggesting that we can choose how we spend our lifetimes by paying more attention to what is even while envisioning what could be. I’m suggesting taking stock alongside forward momentum.

“Tomorrow is not promised” is a phrase that gets tossed about philosophically all the time. And, it’s true. Life can change on a dime. Our plans and wishes can swirl to kingdom come in the face of real life events. What we desire crashes into what develops. Not necessarily in bad ways, just in ways we couldn’t control. Ways we wish we could’ve altered.

Meantime, the clock ticks. We go on. And on. We realize there’s no going back, nor is there a fast forward. Time doesn’t work that way. Neither should we.

Let’s put wishing aside to live gladly as we move about this cabin we call Earth, trusting that all we really need or want is already here, right now. For all time.

With light,
See you soon…

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