Be Like Water

imageI used to think getting close to the Creator only happened in church. There was something about entering those doors, monogrammed bible in hand, peppermints in purse, bonnet perched on a head tilted toward the Cross. But what about weekdays and sleepless nights when a one-on-one would be just right, no choirs and waving hanker chiefs, no noise. Just me.

I discovered meditation and thought I was onto something. The silence. The simplicity. The sheer convenience of being able to plump a pillow, sit still, breathe deep and….then what? Don’t get me wrong, getting the mind to slow down while the breath does the driving is awesome and it helps to open up to the Light of the Creator. But if you’re like me, life can get too hectic to stop, drop and roll your your way to Zen, at least with any regularity.

So I thought more about prayer — not so much the words or feelings or even the intent, but the act itself. If I made prayer more like the ritual of church attendance, combined with the focused centering of meditation, I could feel that deeper connection with divinity. And one of the coolest things about prayer is: There are no rules, no boundaries, no kits. You just do it.

I try to do it well, with pleasure, especially in or near water. Baths, lakes, the ocean. If I’m home, I light candles and incense, play some Coltrane, sprinkle rose petals or sliced lemons, make tea or something chilled. Just the act of prayer, the preparation for time well spent, and the chance to create the space that fuels my faith makes me grateful, grounded and so glad.

Hope you give yourself permission to explore and grow in your spiritual journey as well. Like water, be fluid.

See you soon…💜


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