Plenty of Space to Grow

imageWe live in a big world. The Olympic Games are a huge reminder of that. And in major cities across America — melting pots of race, language, customs, cuisine — we feel the beat of a global drum. Add to the mix our fascination with social media, and we have almost unlimited access to the entire world, right?

And yet there are days when we feel closed in, like our lives have gone about as far as the front porch, our experiences constrained by workaday routines, our interests dictated by what’s popular and “trending” versus what our souls yearn for, which is growth. It’s hard to take the next step when you feel glued to where you stand, but in the grand scheme of life, a life that’s meant to grow as big as you let it, you must move.

Mind you, this is a note to self!! LOL!! But I hope you’ll join me in taking a moment to look around today and find at least one way to broaden your horizon. Maybe take a different route to work, go to an independent bookstore on the other side of town, or have dinner at a restaurant where you can’t even pronounce what’s on the menu!!😀

In other words, allow room for the world to show you more of what’s available. If you can travel, great! Plan that long overdue vacation. But if suitcases and suntan lotion ain’t happening right now, you can try something new right where you are.

Every time you stretch your boundaries, your mind will feel refreshed, your body will feel unstuck, and your soul will thank you for the Soul Food!

Off I go to walk my talk…see you soon:))


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