Reflect, Refuel

What do you do when approaching a yellow light? Hit the gas of course!! Why get caught at the red light, right? Gotta get where you’re going with few stops and even fewer delays.  There’s a schedule to maintain or maybe one just created. Either way, time is ticking.

And like traffic signals, many of us start our day as if trying to beat the red. We wake up and off we go!! Shower, coffee, check the phone, dress, grab the keys, move it, move it, move it!!

And that’s a good thing – it means we’re active, alive and on a mission. But it helps to get the mission accomplished if we sync the rhythms of our busy days with the steady rhythm of our heart. After all, the Big Ticker determines not just how fast and far we go, but whether we will get there at all. Think about that, and give your Heart a heartfelt “Thank you!”

No matter how busy we get moving right along in life, we have to remind ourselves that aside from all the stuff we do, the miracle of our daily existence is knowing what we are! WE are the center of our lives and none of our obligations get met without our conscious choice to see them through.

So why not apply some of that discipline and drive to our inner landscape?  When we move through our day from a place of calm, centered focus and deliberate intention, our hearts beat like soft jazz, our blood pressure hums steadily, and our ability to connect with others and not just occupy the same space improves drastically. And, super bonus, we get *ish* done!:)))

So starting today, before we do anything, let’s spend 5 minutes breathing.  No fancy poses necessary, no sun salutations or overzealous huffing, just a slowwww in breath, and slowwww exhale.  Give thanks for being alive, for the persistence and patience of your heart. Mentally prepare your body to move, gracefully and freely. Yes, there’s lots to do – always, right? But we control how, we control the flow, we control the means.

Take few moments, reflect on your movements, and watch the gears begin to shift so much more smoothly.

See you soon–image


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