Okay Midlife, Let’s Do This

imageMiddle age happens, and for that we should be grateful. I mean, what’s the alternative? Check out early? Nah. Definitely nah!

Still, to forge ahead with grace we have to face changes in our lives that we didn’t see coming, not just physically but psychically.  For women like me in their mid-50s, there’s a realization that we are less noticeable to the world at large. Not so many admiring looks, doors held open, job interviews cinched.  We don’t blend in as well at the wine bar, or want the latest mix-match color designs at the nail salon.

We’ve changed.  Time has tapped us on the shoulder and offered us a seat on the sidelines of modern culture.  Where we once strutted all day in high heels without a care for bad arches, now the chair looks good.  Sigh…

But even as we watch the world swirl ever more vibrant around us, middle age has its perks. This is what I tell myself daily while gently urging my body to embrace yoga poses for a count of 15. It’s what I know for sure as I watch younger women on reality tv shows fall for lines  from men that are so played out it’s pitiful.  Middle age might not look as sexy on the outside,  but inwardly the world ain’t seen nothing yet.

That’s what I tell myself daily. In between laundry and prayers, meetings and chill time on the sofa. It’s what I’m saying here, now, with you.

Welcome to the inaugural blog post of The Spiritual Life. It’s not your grandmother’s idea of church on Sunday.  But it is full of faith.  See you soon!


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