Pssst…You Listening?

It’s New Years Eve 2018 and I’m in bed, sick as a dog, drinking hot tea instead of the chilled Moet Imperial in the fridge. I’m freaking out a little because I’ve always heard that the way you bring in the new year impacts the way you’ll spend it. So I always shoot for feeling happy, surrounded by loved ones, money in my pocket, candles and spiritual altar lit. Positive energy abounding. Hard to do when huddled beneath blankets, feverish chills wracking my body.

Next day my phone buzzes with texts and well wishes for 2018…and then came a message that rang louder than the ball drop in Times Square: “Happy New Year!!! Spirit is unhappy with you not sharing your gift.” A sister I had known and mentored for years had received a word while dreaming – a word aimed at me that took my breath away.

Spirit unhappy??! I’m like, “I’m your girl, Spirit! We are always good!” But I knew I had in fact slacked off in feeding my own spirit, much less helping anyone else in their spiritual journey. I’ve limboed between “who cares” to asking myself, “who do you think you are?!” while making excuses to build walls, shelter myself, make my ideas and life smaller to fit an easier path. The message I received said, basically, “Girl, get a grip!”

So this year I am setting an intention to rediscover my spiritual self, to unwrap it like the Christmas presents we so enjoyed, to “re-gift” myself the positive faith that despite aging and agonizing over life’s unpredictability, I have a lot to offer and I am in this world to help others.

So are you! As the saying goes, we are all walking each other home. Don’t doubt for one second that your very being makes a difference, that your energy and effort to live according to your highest good and the good of others is somehow too much to ask of yourself.

I’m so humbled and grateful to start the year this way, healing inside and out. I hope you join me and never forget you exist for a purpose. Discover it and rediscover it even more.

Until next time…